Judge upholds Kisatchie dog deer hunting ban

Published: Dec. 21, 2018 at 7:27 PM CST
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A federal judge has upheld a 2013 dog deer hunting ban in the Kisatchie National Forest after local hunters had been fighting to lift the ban.

U.S. District Judge Dee Drell released his judgment on Friday by siding with the Forest Service and upholding the ban on dog deer hunting in Kisatchie.

In Dec., 2017, Judge Drell heard arguments from local hunters where they said the ban kills traditions in the area. The Forest Service wanted to keep the ban because of what they said were numerous complaints from private land owners in the area and that having dogs in the forest was not natural.

“The court affirms the Forest Service’s present decision to prohibit the use of dogs to hunt deer in Kisatchie National Forest,” said Judge Drell in his memorandum ruling. “However, nothing in this ruling shall prevent review by the Forest Service of the issue as may be appropriate in future circumstances.”

Dog deer hunting has been a tradition for many in the area for decades. It was a common practice in Kisatchie up until they Forest Service banned the practice in 2012.