Kayla Giles ordered to spend 30 days in jail for breaking bond conditions

Kayla Giles
Kayla Giles(RPSO/KALB)
Published: Mar. 9, 2020 at 12:15 PM CDT
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Kayla Giles, the woman who shot and killed her estranged husband, Thomas Coutee, Jr. in an Alexandria Walmart parking lot in Sept. 2018, must now spend 30 days in the Rapides Parish Jail, abide by a curfew, must not visit bars or casinos, cannot contact witnesses, and she must not have someone contact them for her.

Judge Greg Beard made the decision at a motion hearing Monday afternoon at the Rapides Parish Courthouse, stating that visiting her daughter in Oklahoma was not permitted by the Court, and ultimately broke her bond conditions.

"The defendant did not make the court aware...travel was done with false pretenses," said Judge Beard during his reasoning for the decision.

The State called two witnesses, one who investigated her trip to Oklahoma and one who kept track of her ankle monitor, to the stand for testimony before Judge Beard deliberated on the motion.

"He was terrified," said Andrew Bergeron, an investigator with the Louisiana Department of Justice, who testified for the state about Giles' ex-husband's reaction when she showed up outside his house in Oklahoma. "It was a surprise that she showed up in the first place."

Meanwhile, Marc Namias, who works for Acadiana Safety Association, the group that monitors Giles' ankle bracelet, said Giles hasn't been problematic for them to monitor, "She's done well. Always compliant."

This order comes after Giles' attorney, George Higgins, asked Judge Beard to reject a motion filed by the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office to revoke Giles’ bond.

In the motion filed on Feb. 18, the AG’s Office cited "abandoned" plans for Kayla Giles' previously approved trip to Oklahoma in early February as the reason for wanting her $510,000 bond revoked. According to the AG's Office, Giles provided the court with the specific location she planned to visit, "as well as written permission for the father of her son confirming his approval for her visit to Oologah, Oklahoma." But while she was in Oklahoma, Giles visited the home of the father of one of her daughters, asking to see her daughter who was a witness to the shooting.

Defense attorney, George Higgins, wrote in his response that “one must put into proper context that she (Giles) had not seen her daughter in over a year.” According to the response, Giles was only at the home for three minutes, and had not seen her daughter for 15 months.

After Giles appeared at the father’s home, he applied and was granted a protective order. Higgins claims that the allegations in that protective order are not true, and it was “merely a ploy on his part to gain full custody of the daughter.”

In the AG’s Office motion, it was also mentioned that after learning about the fire that burned down Giles’ Pineville home while she was in Oklahoma, the father of the daughter in Oklahoma informed the state that when he was in the process of divorcing Giles in 2013, a home he owned with her in Oklahoma burned as well.

Higgins pointed out in his response that Giles has never been arrested for arson, and that the State’s allegations about the Pineville fire and previous fire “serve only to further taint Ms. Giles-Coutee’s reputation.” He claims that the Oklahoma fire was accidental.

Also in court on Monday, Higgins officially added Rocky Willson on as co-counsel to help him with the trial. Willson is currently Giles' attorney for the federal civil suit involving an insurance policy she took out when she bought the gun she used to shoot Coutee, Jr.

Beard also denied motions for individual jury questioning, additional peremptory challenges and written jury instructions. Both the AG's Office and the defense filed several other motions, but there was not enough time on Monday to hear all of those. They will be heard this Friday, March 9.

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#BREAKING Judge Greg Beard orders Kayla Giles to 30 days in parish jail for attempt to see daughter in Oklahoma. He also sets new bond conditions: abide by a curfew, no bars/casinos, no social media, no trying to contact a witness or having someone do it for her.

Posted by Brooke Buford on Monday, March 9, 2020