Kevin Daigle’s trial continues with penalty phase

Louisiana State Police
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The jury heard from two of Kevin Daigle’s grandchildren from Georgia Thursday as the penalty phase of his capital murder trial continues.

Eleven-year-old Fallon testified she loves her “Paw Paw,” as she calls him and visits him sometimes. When asked by the defense attorney how it would make her feel if he were not there to visit she started crying.

Daigle’s 10-year-old grandson also testified that he loves his "Paw Paw" and his "Paw Paw" loves him.

Earlier, jurors heard from Daigle’s former wife who said it will be traumatic for the family if Daigle is executed.

The jury also heard from Kevin Foreman, who lived with Daigle and the roommate Daigle killed, Blake Brewer.

Foreman testified that Brewer was a raging alcoholic and an angry drunk who had pulled a knife on Daigle several times. Foreman was not there when Daigle killed Brewer, which his attorneys say was self-defense.

The defense continues putting on its side today.

Eventually, the jury will vote on whether Daigle should be executed for murdering State Trooper Steven Vincent.

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