Kids save grandmother who suffered from stroke while driving

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TAMPA, Fl. (WFLA) - Two Florida elementary school students are being hailed as heroes after they helped their ailing grandmother by driving her car when she had a stroke behind the wheel in June.

(Image Credit: WFLA / NBC)

"She fell back and hit her head on the ground. We made it through two blocks, and my grandma looked like she was sleeping, but she was on the side of the road. I looked up on my grandma's phone and I googled how to drive a stick," said 9-year-old Darrell Kennedy.

The car was an automatic, but he and his little sister Ahnlyse took control of the wheel, guiding the car into a hotel parking lot. That's where a man came to help, and dialed 911.

Their mother says she's so proud of their bravery. "You just wonder as a single mother 'Are you raising your kids right?' When God just gives you that confirmation, you just keep going," said Alicia Kennedy.

Darrell and Ahnlyse were recently recognized for their bravery by the Lakeland Police Department. Their grandmother, Gloria Jackson, was discharged from the hospital a few days after the incident, and is recovering well.

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