LSMSA Groundbreaking ceremony for new residence hall

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NATCHITOCHES, La. (KALB) - It's a project years in the making. After Governor John Bel Edwards announced the project, the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts is getting a revamp.

Image Source: KALB

For more than 30 years, students, faculty and staff members have suffered from bad living conditions due to a lack of funding.

In September of 2018, Governor Edwards announced to the school that the state approved $27 million towards the construction of a new residence hall.

Executive Director Dr. Steve Horton said the groundbreaking of the new construction is the beginning of a new future for the students of LSMSA.

“I think we're all still in shock, so much time has gone, over thirsty some odd years, waiting for this day to happen,” Horton expressed. “And to finally be able to celebrate shovels going into the ground, is one of those days in Louisiana school's history that I don't think we'll ever forget and I’m just so thrilled to be along for this ride."

Construction on the new residence hall is projected to take 2 years.

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