LSU School of Social Work announces partnership to develop the National Suicidology Training Center

Image Source: MGN

BATON ROUGE, La. (LSU) - The LSU School of Social Work in partnership with the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center Inc., or BRCIC, is pleased to announce the establishment of the LSU School of Social Work Training Center to develop resources and training for suicide prevention, intervention, postvention, and other training, for on-going social work education for the establishment of a new program, the National Suicidology Training Center, or NSTC.

This leading-edge collaboration will provide trainees with access to internationally known content experts in a limited-participant setting to maximize learning experiences.

“I am pleased to begin this collaboration which will allow us to utilize the expertise of the LSU School of Social Work faculty and staff, and the BRCIC training staff to develop this training center. Part of our mission will be assisting BRCIC to launch the National Suicidology Training Center. This is one of the first collaborations between a crisis center and a school of social work to develop a national suicidology training center,” said Wesley T. Church, the director of the LSU School of Social Work.

Training events will focus on critical topics such as professional training, innovative suicide intervention approaches, treatment, and ongoing social work development. The training centers will provide and attract national and international instructors who are leaders in their fields.

“I could not be prouder of this collaboration. I have served as executive director of the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center Inc., which has a nearly five-decade history of developing intellectual property and an international reputation for innovation in all areas of Suicidology,” said Frank R. Campbell, LCSW, C.T. who will serve as chair of the NSTC steering committee. Campbell is also an LSU School of Social Work alumnus and past president of the American Association of Suicidology.

The training centers will be rooted in excellence for which the LSU School of Social Work and Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center Inc. are known for in the community, state and beyond. With so many of the same strong core values for each of the partners, the quality education and training will be developing students and professionals for years to come.

“I believe this will be a great opportunity for students and faculty to work with a nationally renowned expert as well as have a dedicated site for training and research purposes,” said Church.

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