LSUA: No tuition increase for 2017-18

ALEXANDRIA (LSUA) - For the first time in over 10 years, LSUA’s tuition will not increase for the upcoming academic year (2017-2018).

Tuition will remain at the same level as Fall 2016, which stands at $2,447 for a full-time student. There will be a $24 increase in fees (0.7%) bringing the total cost (tuition/fees) for a student enrolled in 12 hours to $3,357.75 per semester – the lowest tuition/fees of all four-year universities within the state.

LSUA residents will also be happy to learn that the cost of living on campus will not increase. Costs to live on campus range from $1,655 to $3,945 based on the type of room selected and these amounts will remain the same as they were during the Fall 2016 semester. There will be new meal-plan options for both residents and commuters with pricing ranging from $225 to $1,675.

As LSUA continues growth and advancement in its 100-percent online program offerings, a new course fee of up to $50 per 7-week course will be assessed starting with the FALL2 online-only semester. The revenue generated from this fee will go directly toward online tutoring, academic assistants, faculty training, course development, and proctoring for student exams.

Tuition in the 100-percent online programs has been slightly lower than tuition/fees for on-campus programs. This new fee will bring the total cost of an online program more in line with LSUA’s traditional face-to-face degrees.

When asked about these change for the upcoming fall, Deron Thaxton, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Services, said he was happy to see minimal changes.

“Over the course of the last 10 years, LSUA has increased its tuition and fees by hundreds of dollars each year. Even though we’re still very low in terms of total cost, we understand the financial burden those increases have placed on many of our students. We were happy to announce earlier that TOPS has been fully funded and our legislators and governor have also worked to ensure that higher education was funded at the same level as last year. Those things combined allowed LSUA to keep our costs down going in to this academic year. With total cost for a full-time student only increasing by $24 for traditional programs, our goal is to allow students to focus on their educational priorities and worry less about costs.”

Thaxton said that LSUA remains dedicated to providing a low-cost, high-quality education and collegiate experience.