LSUA offering free public WiFi in response to COVID-19

Source: KALB

Alexandria, La. (KALB) - In response to current school and business closures following Governor John Bel Edwards’ “Stay at Home” proclamation, Louisiana State University of Alexandria is providing wireless internet access free of charge to those in need.

Students and members of the public are able to utilize this service without registration, supervision, or cost while remaining inside their vehicles. The network can be accessed in the parking lot (Lot 6) between the Catholic Student Organization (CSO) and the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) on campus.

“We’re excited to provide this service to our local community. With all of the sudden changes and closures due to the coronavirus emergency, access to school work, as well as business operations, has been limited for many residents in the surrounding rural areas. Our IET Services department did a terrific job setting up the equipment to provide high-bandwidth internet, while maintaining the security needed on our campus networks. Anyone can park inside the lot, access the internet, and complete his or her school or business activities – all without leaving the vehicle,” says Deron Thaxton, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration. “This is one of those services that we will likely continue to provide, even after the coronavirus emergency is over. I think it’s a great community offering for use at any time.”

The service is available with limited bandwidth so it is requested that those using the service be respectful of others. Additionally, users are asked to only access for business and educational purposes only (please refrain from large file downloads and video streaming).

The wireless network name (SSID) is LSUA-BoNipper-Hotspot. No password is needed. Additional information can be found on the LSUA website at

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