LSUA records largest enrollment in school history

Source: KALB

ALEXANDRIA, La. (LSUA) - For the third consecutive fall semester, LSUA is experiencing all time highs in enrollment numbers with a record 3,378 students at the university. This figure represents a three percent increase over the previous fall semester and an impressive 51.3 percent gain since fall 2013.

The university is also recording one of the largest freshmen classes in university history with 472 freshmen students enrolled for the semester.

“I am very proud of the work that our Department of Recruiting and Admissions has done to bring these students to LSUA. We have a dedicated group of faculty and staff on campus who are working very hard to make LSUA a premier institution. This is just the beginning for LSUA,” said LSUA Chancellor Guiyou Huang.

LSUA also continues to see substantial growth with those pursing 100 percent online degrees. The number of online students has climbed 55 percent in the just the past year.

Other enrollment figures include 180 reentry students, 304 transfer students, 667 dual enrollment students, and 1,755 continuing students.

With the increase in enrollment also comes an increase in student credit hours. Students are currently taking 35,253 hours, an increase of 3.4 percent over the previous fall.

Additionally, LSUA continues to bring to students to Central Louisiana from around the world with 95 international students enrolled this semester, representing 28 countries.

LSUA reports enrollment on the 14th day of the semester.

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