Lafayette police union recruits police officers on City of Alexandria Facebook page

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - UPDATE (11/12/19 at 1 p.m.): The union that represents the Lafayette Police Department just released a statement in support of the Alexandria Police Department's efforts to get more money.

The Local 905, the union representing the Lafayette Police Department, recruits under a City of Alexandria post defending an attempt to give a 2-percent raise to officers. (Source: KALB/Facebook)

“We support the men and women of the Alexandria Police Department and are affiliated with their police officers association through our state charter the Louisiana Union of Police Associations. We will always be an advocate for getting police officers competitive wages and encourage the City of Alexandria to pay those officers what they are worth. If the City of Alexandria refuses we want those officers to know Lafayette is always hiring and we are looking for the best qualified candidates because our community deserves it. We will continue our goal of advocating for our officers and all officers in the State of Louisiana.”

ORIGINAL STORY (11/12/19): The police union that represents the Lafayette Police Department posted a comment on Tuesday morning recruiting for their department under a City of Alexandria's press release defending an attempt to give Alexandria police officers a 2-percent raise.

The Alexandria Police Department is currently down 25 officers and another is set to retire at the end of the week. According to the Local 833, the union that represents the Alexandria police officers, at capacity, they should have 166 officers.

On Monday night, the City of Alexandria made another attempt to defend an offer of a 2-percent base pay increase for Alexandria police officers who have not yet achieved the rank of corporal. Currently, the base pay for an officer starting with the department is $34,000. The union representing the Alexandria Police Department said that wording in an addendum that would put the one-time 2-percent raise in place could invalidate the current contract with the City of Alexandria and permanently lock them out of negotiations until 2021, when the contract expires. As it stands now, re-negotiating the existing contract can happen before 2021 if both the union and the city agree to come to the table.

At a neighborhood watch meeting last week, Mayor Jeff Hall said the city was looking at other options for recruiting that were not money-driven.

"There are things that are not really money-driven, but things that we can do, and we are going to try to do those things to try to hold on to a lot more officers," said Mayor Hall.

When the City of Alexandria posted a press release defending their stance again on the city's Facebook page on Tuesday morning, the Local 905, the union representing the Lafayette Police Department was the first to comment.

"Lafayette's hiring and we offer a competitive pay to our police officers," the post said.

That comment from the Lafayette union comes exactly one week after the Lafayette City-Parish Council unanimously approved a pay increase for its city police officers, raising the starting pay from $34,600 to $40,000.

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