Lake Charles woman escapes out window, fleeing from intruders

Photo Courtesy of KPLC
Photo Courtesy of KPLC(KALB)
Published: Jul. 17, 2019 at 4:20 PM CDT
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Imagine waking up to find two people in your home. That’s what one Lake Charles woman says happened to her Tuesday morning.

Karen Barker said they came through her unlocked gate and made their way to her backdoor just after midnight.

“They just very gently opened it," Baker said. "Didn’t make a sound and left it open. Then they came in the house.”

Barker said they went through her entire home; they went to the entryway where they turned around one of her surveillance cameras around and they went upstairs.

“If you can mount your cameras they need to be mounted,” Barker said. “Where people can’t mess with them.”

She said they then went into her kitchen where her purse was on the center island.

“They took everything in my purse,” Barker said. “They emptied my wallet of money and took the bag.”

Barker said they went to an area right next to her bedroom door, where she was sleeping, and took other items, laying down another surveillance camera. She said they went through drawers and took key FOBs, her father’s medicine, and more. She said they also went through her vehicle.

“Then the most mortifying thing for me is they come through my laundry room, into my closet, and dig for another expensive purse," Barker said. “Then they go into my bathroom, open a drawer on my husband’s side, there’s nothing there.”

Barker said the men were feet away from her when her dog, Ellie Mae, started barking at them, waking Barker up.

“I knew that something was not right, I rolled over, I crouched down by my bed, called my next-door neighbor and said someone is in my house and I’m about to go out the window," Barker said. “I opened the window and when I went out, I saw the back door was open. That’s when I knew they were in my house and I ran.”

Barker said she ran to her neighbor’s house and called 911. She said while the experience was mortifying, she wants to make it a learning experience. She admited she left her backdoor unlocked.

“If something happens at your house, no matter what, if they just open up the center console and steal some coins out of it because you left the car door open or you left your keys in the car," Barker said. "The problem is that the police do not know that this is happening if you don’t report it. They don’t know where to patrol and it happens everyday that people don’t want to report it because they don’t want to say I left my side door open, I left a gun in my car. You have to report it. If you have a security system, set it. If you don’t have cameras, get them. If you see someone in your neighborhood that doesn’t live there, who you have never seen before, call the police.”

Barker said that her neighbors spotted two boys who fit the description of the people in her home walking around her neighborhood a day earlier.

State Police arrested three in Opelousas driving around in a stolen truck; a 16-year-old and two 15-year-olds from Lake Charles. Authorities said two of them admitted to being in her home.

Lake Charles Police said they are also investigating.

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