Larto Lake residents struggle with floods, concerned over rising water

CATAHOULA PARISH, La. (KALB) - With the recent rain, residents at Larto Lake in Catahoula Parish are struggling with flooding.

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The only way in or out for a lot of residents is by boat. Residents said they have been dealing with high water and flooding since December. Now, it's the worst it’s been all year.

Residents are currently trying to find dry land like Larto Lake Baptist Church, where they are parking their vehicles and storing some of their belongings.

Several homes have water in them, and along with that, it's also bad for business. Many hunting and cabin rental businesses in the area have had little to no business since the winter because of the flooding.

"We feel very forgotten out here. Y'all are the first news crew to see what we are going throughout here," said Angie Leblanc, resident of Larto Lake.

"Everything is just on hold. I’ve never had my life totally on hold and to sit and wait is the hardest part. It hurts my heart because all of this, it's what I love to do seven days a week," said Stacey Mabou, owner of Uncle Bud’s Cabins on Larto Lake.

Mabou said they have lost around $100,000 because of the flooding.

Catahoula Parish Sheriff Toney Edwards said the National Weather Service is predicting the waters to rise 2/10 to 6/10 of an inch over the next few days, where it will crest for several days. News Channel 5 reached out to GOHSEP and they said Catahoula Parish is still considered a disaster area from months ago.

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