Las Vegas mother accused of intentionally drowning 2-year-old daughter in bathtub

LAS VEGAS (KVVU/KTNV/CNN) - A 44-year-old mother in Las Vegas is charged with open murder in the death of her toddler daughter.

Linette Boedicker, 44, faces a charge of open murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Kiersten Boedicker. The mother is being held in jail on no bail. (Source: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/KTNV/CNN)

Linette Boedicker, 44, is being held in jail on no bail after police accused her of holding her 2-year-old daughter, Kiersten Boedicker, under water in a bathtub until she stopped breathing.

"Disturbing is an understatement. I have officers out here who are extremely shaken up. We have a 2-year-old child that was senselessly murdered,” said Lt. Ray Spencer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

Police say Boedicker, also known as Linette Warrichaiet, called 911 to report the drowning Saturday afternoon. The dispatcher gave instructions to pull the toddler out of the water and perform CPR, but officers say Boedicker did not comply.

When police arrived less than five minutes after the call, the mother allegedly took several minutes to answer the door.

Finally inside the apartment, officers found a disturbing sight.

"He went in, found the child face up, fully clothed, in a bathtub full of water,” Spencer said.

Emergency crews performed CPR, but Kiersten was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Boedicker was later arrested and charged with one count of open murder.

Police say it was the second call to the home that day, following an earlier domestic violence call involving Boedicker and a man with whom she was reportedly in a relationship.

When Boedicker called 911 the second time, the man was not at the scene. Police say he isn’t involved in the toddler’s death, but they are looking for him for questioning.

Former neighbor Dani Jones says Boedicker was in an abusive relationship, and she believes that caused her to snap. The neighbor claims to have witnessed the mother being abused more than five times.

"It’s not an excuse, but I think that maybe she was just so at a deep, dark place that it just happened,” Jones said.

At a press briefing, police urged those in difficult domestic situations to seek help.

"There’s many resources out there. The point is this is absolutely absurd that I’m here discussing a 2-year-old who was senselessly murdered,” Spencer said.

The toddler’s official cause of death is still pending.

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