Leesville family welcomes rare twins

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Last summer, the Grigg family's lives were changed when they found out they were expecting not one, but two new babies.

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However, what they weren't expecting was the news they'd receive just a few weeks later. Their twins were Mono-Mono twins - an anomaly - short for Monoamniotic-Monochorionic.

What does that mean? Unlike most twins, the identical baby girls shared one amniotic sac, but with separate umbilical cords - an extremely rare case.

Oddly enough, their father was also a Mono-Mono twin.

It also means the pregnancy is higher risk than most, so for two months before delivery, Shay Grigg would stay in a hospital room at Cabrini in Alexandria under the constant watch of her doctor and nurses.

"It didn't matter,” Grigg said. “Because overall it was for the girls.”

"They get entangled with their cords and they tighten their cords and we could lose one or the other,” said clinical director Pamela Mooney. “So that's why we had to keep them on the monitor as much as possible to make sure that wasn't happening. They've made crafts with her. They've just done a lot of things to just try to keep her sanity in the room."

Before they knew it, delivery day, Feb. 4, came and went. The delivery was planned in advance and carefully executed.

"It couldn't have went any better,” said Mooney.

The family welcomed their two healthy baby girls, Avery and Harlee, five weeks early.

"You go to this baby and it's like, ‘How was this baby inside me?’” Grigg said. “And you go to that one and it's like, ‘How were they in there together?’"

Shay was a miracle herself, surviving a mosquito-borne disease that left her in a coma as a child, and now, she has two miracles of her own.

"Just to be able to touch them and talk to them and them to have reactions to you is definitely worth it,” Grigg said.

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