Leesville students treat law enforcement to breakfast

Leesville, LA. (KALB) The second annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was a success for Leesville High School's Jobs for America's Graduates or JAG program Monday morning.

Leesville Fire Chief Kyle Bush has been teaching fire safety to local students since 1993. Bush says he's proud of the kids he's watched grow up! (KALB)

Students treated local deputies, officers, firefighters and community leaders to a breakfast spread.

Vernon Parish Sheriff Sam Craft said the chance to visit with students over coffee and donuts is always a treat for his department.

"They need to know that we support them and if they need us they need to know that they can call on us. We want to be their friend and we want to meet in instances like this and not when it's something bad going on."

Law enforcement and first responders want to start that positive relationship with the community when students are younger. Leesville Fire Chief Kyle Bush remembers teaching the same students about fire safety when they were in elementary school.

"To watch them grow up, to get to where they are now, I am just so proud of them. I enjoy coming up here to spend the morning with them and like I said I'm just proud of them." Chief Bush said he's been teaching fire safety classes since 1993.

JAG career association president Shardae Chancy said organizing the event was worth all the work.

"They have really crazy jobs so it was cool talking to them. They're more than just the badge that they wear, there's actually a person behind it."

This will be Chancy's last year with her JAG family. "I love them!" she said of fellow classmates. "It's really cool for the seniors who have been in JAG since freshmen year to see how we've all grown as people and matured and seeing how we've set up ourselves for success after graduation."

Chancy added that she couldn't see herself organizing this sort of event when she was a freshman in the program. She said their teacher, Alice Guess helps 'mold them' and said she had gained so much from being in JAG.

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