Letter claims Oakdale child mistakingly brought small revolver to school

OAKDALE, La. (KALB) - KALB has received an image of a letter that claims that a first-grade student at Oakdale Elementary may have brought a small revolver to school, mistaking it for a toy gun.

(Image Source: Randall James)

The letter, addressed from Oakdale Elementary principal Kay Randolph, reads as follows:

"We wanted to inform Oakdale Elementary parents that a first grader thought he was bringing a toy gun to school, but it was actually a small unloaded revolver. The Oakdale Police Department was called. They immediately came and confiscated the revolver. The student was removed from the campus."

"We are not trying to cause a panic; we just wanted to inform parents of the situation."

"Parents, please check your child's backpack. No matter how innocent the incident was, it was still a gun."

"Please feel free to call 318-335-0690, if you have any questions."

Oakdale Police have confirmed the incident, but we have been unable to confirm details with Oakdale Elementary officials about the authenticity of the letter or the incident.

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