Libuse community celebrates heritage at Louisiana Czech Fest

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LIBUSE, La. (KALB) - When you look at Louisiana history, you see there's lots of different cultures from many of the early settlers.

Source: KALB

Here at home, one community hosted the annual celebration of their unique heritage, and invited folks to come Czech it out.

The Libuse area has been the center of local Czech life since the early 1900s. Many settlers came to the area looking for good farm land, and ended up staying around.

Now every year people with Czech backgrounds travel from near and far to gather at the Libuse Czech Hall to dance, sing, eat and celebrate their history at the festival.

There's plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy, and longtime coordinators said it's just great to see so many people come share it with them.

"Libuse is one of the Czech communities that are original to Louisiana, along with Kolin," said Cookie Tuma. "Kolin is named after the sister city in Czechoslovakia, and Libuse was named after the legendary queen. So we're very proud of our heritage, we're proud to be American, and we love our food!"

Speaking of food, the festival isn't complete without some traditional meals including different pastries as well as sauerkraut and dumplings.

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