Local cattleman still looking for person responsible for death of a heifer

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - Local farmers are paying extra attention to the safety of their animals after a Pineville cattleman and his family had tragedy strike their pasture last month.


On Dec. 30, Thomas Swain and his family woke up to a phone telling him that one of his heifers had been shot and butchered in the middle of the night.

Weeks later, they are still searching for the person responsible.

The family is working the Louisiana Brand Commission and Crime Stoppers of the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Department to prevent this from happening again, offering up to a $2 thousand reward to anyone who can lead to the arrest and conviction of the offender.

Swain says it's a concern not just for farmers, but for the general public as well.

"You may not own cattle, you may not have cattle, or you may not even be interested in cattle,” Swain said. “But it's our livelihood and our business and that's the meat that you get out of the grocery store, so when it hurts us, it hurts us all."

The Swains are a forgiving people, but they know the safety, and protection of their animals is non-negotiable.

"We do pray for the people who took this calf, and we don’t wish any ill will on them,” Swain expressed. “But they cannot come back on our property and take our animals like this...this just cannot be tolerated."

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