Local couple describes experiencing coronavirus together

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BOYCE, La. (KALB) - Those who’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Central Louisiana are starting to open up about their experiences. For one couple, a coronavirus diagnosis didn’t necessarily mean hospitalization.

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“We stayed quarantined at the house for two weeks...three weeks,” said survivor Breanna Nettles.

But it also didn’t mean that the effects of the virus were easy to endure.

“I fell asleep about two o’clock in the morning and it was an instant drop, you know...dead weight,” said Brandley Holbrook. “I lost all sense of smell...sense of taste.”

Holbrook was tested, and five days later, the results came back positive. Nettles’ symptoms didn’t begin until days later.

“I went to work one day, and I had a temperature because they check our temperatures,” she said. “I have a heart issue. So my temperature had gone down, but they said because I have a heart issue they still needed to test me.”

But family and community support were literally life savers during two weeks of being quarantined in their home.

“I’m in the National Guard,” said Holbrook. “So I was trying to go on federal orders because I wanted to help out around here, because people were getting freaked out. And the day before I was supposed to actually do something for the community, I actually got the virus. They brought us groceries to help us out because we couldn’t leave. We didn’t have no money.”

Nettles said, “If it wouldn’t have been for our family and our friends, I don’t know if we would’ve made it.”

Now, they use their story to send a message to others.

“Everybody should wear a mask,” Holbrook said. “Not everybody is young, not everybody has a strong immune system,” added Nettles. “So you have to think about other people’s family members.”

They also thank their employer Longleaf Hospital for the help during this time.

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