Local couple says 'I do' with Facebook stream

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Meagan McClure and her husband, Tyler, started planning their wedding in May of last year.

Source: Facebook / Meagan McClure

At that time, they didn't think that almost a year later the wedding they planned would have to change so drastically and that COVID-19 would be spreading throughout the Central Louisiana area.

The couple was married on Saturday, March 21, and just about a week before that, things started going downhill.

McClure said that she lost her photographer and DJ on the Tuesday and Wednesday before the wedding. On Friday, the day before the wedding, she headed to the church to help get everything set up for the big day.

"We got a call about five, stating that the Governor was not wanting any of that to happen," said McClure.

In so many words, the bride was told that her wedding couldn't happen with the number of people she had on the guest list. She had to watch all of her decorations come down and reduced her guest list to less than 20 people. McClure said she had a breakdown moment, but did her best to keep herself together.

After some thought, she decided that she was going to have her family and friends be a part of her big day one way or another.

"We can stream it on Facebook that way everyone can see it," said McClure. And that's exactly what she did.

The McClure's said "I do" in front of about 20 people, in person, and the rest of the audience watched through a live Facebook stream.

"I didn't realize the positivity we would get from the live stream," said McClure as she spoke about how many people actually watched it.

The couple plans to put their wedding attire back on for their one-year anniversary and hold a huge reception to celebrate with all their family and friends.

McClure said that after it was all said and done, the dream wedding they had planned didn't even matter because she still got to marry her best friend.

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