Local dance studio reopens with changes for student safety

ALEXANDRIA, LA (KALB) - Businesses in Cenla are continuing to adapt to the new normal.

Just Dance has reopened studio doors with new safety measures as part of it's registration with the Open Safely program. | Source: KALB

Classes resumed Monday night at Just Dance. One of the many changes includes taped waiting areas on the sidewalk, where students will wait to get their temperatures checked before even walking through the door.

In addition to symptom screening and temperature checks at the door, other changes include marked off areas inside the dance studio that students will have to stay in while they dance.

Both students and dance instructors will be required to wear a mask. Just Dance normally operates multiple classes at once, but for now, it's only doing classes one at a time so that the studio can be sanitized after each class.

Because classes are only at 25% of normal capacity, they’re now open on Fridays and Saturdays, so they have time to get all the classes in. Owner Jennifer Rachal said although class will be much different than usual, everyone is excited to finally get out of the house again for a safe and fun activity.

"Yesterday it worked, the kids were glad to be back," Rachal said. "They were excited to be back at dance, to have just a little bit of normalcy and you know when they come to dance it's more than just dancing you know- it's comradery. It's relationships with the students- the other students in the room, with their teachers. You know, so it was a lot of them were just happy just to be standing in the studio- so that was a feel-good moment of all of us."

Just Dance is one of many businesses with a meticulously thought out plan and is registered with the governor's Open Safely program. This year's Just Dance Revue was scheduled for the end of this month, but it's postponed for now. The studio is working on an alternative option for some type of performance, but they’re not sure what or when it will be yet.

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