Local fitness centers starting to reopen under phase one

Published: May. 19, 2020 at 4:01 PM CDT
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Fitness centers and gyms have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many have lost members and are now learning how to adjust to a new normal.

Empty parking lots are starting to fill back up. That's the case for Crossfit 28 in Pineville. They officially opened their doors back up on May 1.

“It was exciting to see everyone, but you know it was kind of strange because it was like the air high-five, hey how are you," said Crossfit 28 Manager Holli Willis.

Of course, things look a little different.

For the first two weeks, they were open, coaches would place equipment in spaced-out squares and each member would stay in their designated space.

“They would put it in their square and in each square, we have a bottle of cleaner and a rag and so members were responsible for cleaning their own equipment," said Willis.

After class, coaches wipe everything down further.

Iron Boot in Alexandria says safety is their number one priority.

“We have probably 30 bleach bottles around so everybody cleans their equipment off, we don’t share equipment," said Iron Boot Owner William Albritton.

Trainers wear masks at all times, and they still offer virtual classes as well.

As far as membership goes, Albritton says he's lost some good people.

“People lost their jobs, their pay got cut, so we lost probably about 20% of our members," said Albritton.

Crossfit 28 has also lost some members during the pandemic.

“We actually lost some members which is understandable. We also had some members who lost their jobs," said Willis.

However, Albritton believes gyms should have been essential to begin with.

“Fitness and gyms are such as essential part to our health, and I really felt like it should have been an essential business," said Albritton.

Crossfit 28 Manager Holli Willis says it's all about building each other up and sticking together during these hard times.

“For them coming here, it’s really helpful. It helps them to relieve a lot of stress because you know 3,2,1 go you start the workout, the only thing you think about is getting through the workout," said Willis.

Both gyms are accepting new members.

To get in contact with Crossfit 28, you can visit their Facebook page or

You can visit Iron Boot's website at

or call them at



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