Local gyms, studios offer online classes during pandemic

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - While gyms are closed and many people are confined to their homes due to COVID-19, working out and maintaining physical and mental health can be difficult, but not impossible.

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Many local gyms, studios and fitness clubs are stepping up to help by offering online classes and even allowing anyone access to free, Facebook live sessions. Places like Yoga Ya Ya in Alexandria and Louisiana Athletic Club and Peak Fitness in Pineville are providing these services.

One instructor with Yoga Ya Ya says the goal of physical activity, especially during these times, should not focus solely on weight loss or achieving a "summer body." She says it's much more than that.

"It's like you're in a group setting without being in a group setting. Like the teachers at Yoga Ya Ya can say 'Oh, hey! How are you?' And the members will like to talk to each other as well," said Lori Deblieux, describing the sense of community that these online services can bring. "We do talk about your mental stability as well too, right? Like in yoga we focus on breathing exercises so you're connecting your body to your mind, which is in control of any fear or anxiety that you're having or anything like that. It's an exercise, too of course, so that's definitely a big part of it."

To see if your local gym or studio offers online classes, visit their Facebook page or their website.

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