Local photographer to provide free portraits for foster teens

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - A local photographer wants to provide the best exposure for students who are in foster care.

Photo Source: Veronica Clark

Veronica Clark entered the foster system at 6 years old. Now a juvenile officer, she says she understands how hard it can be as a young child to go from home to home and not being able to know where they may end up. There can also be very little documentation available for them outside of official records.

"I came into foster care with one photo of me as a child," said Clark. "I was 3 in the picture. I don’t have any newborn or baby photos."

As a way of giving back, Veronica is providing free pictures for high school seniors who are in or recently aged out of foster care. "Being a senior is hard and expensive, but imagine being a senior in foster care," said Clark. "Imagine not knowing if you will finish high school in the same home or same school. Imagine all your friends talking about senior photos, cap, and gown, senior rings, senior jackets, graduation, all the family coming as you stand on the sidelines thinking about how much you are about to stand out because you won’t have family attending to cheer you on."

If you know someone who could use some nice shots before graduation, call 318-613-7770 or send her a message on Facebook at Veronica Clark Photography.

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