Local real estate market strong despite coronavirus concerns

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB)- With record low interest rates in the U.S. right now, the real estate is one market that's still seeing plenty of business.

Pixabay / MGN

Local real estate agents told us the year started out with a bang, and they're still on track to surpass last year's home sales locally, despite the coronavirus throwing a wrench into just about everything else.

They are making some changes to adapt to the current times, like holding off on hosting open houses and moving most in-person tours to virtual tours.

While overall showings are down because of people wanting to stay at home, a lot of potential buyers now have more spare time to browse online.

"Buyers can still be looking, online shopping, maybe not viewing homes yet, but at least having that advantage of what's out there. And you know, sellers who have decided to hold their listings need to be preparing their homes for photos and different things. That way, when this thing does lift, they'll be prepared,” said Chassity Lejeune with :Chass and Kait Real Estate Group

Chass and Kait said they are still closing on houses right now in the area, and that Cenla has about a six-month inventory of properties available.

Once things get back to normal, they're expecting a business boom.

"There are a lot of homes and a lot of people that are sitting on their homes and they're waiting for this to pass," added Kaitee Basco. "So when this does pass, and we do have the green light, we do expect an influx of inventory and we think that buyers are going to be running out of the gate. So we do think in the long run it's probably going to help boost our market."

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