Local schools make an effort to prevent tobacco use

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Some of you might not know about National Kick Butts Day.

Image Source: KALB

Central Louisiana students from 53 schools in 7 school districts participated on Wednesday in an effort to prevent tobacco and drug use.

Tioga High School and Alexandria Middle Magnet School were two schools here at home that recognized the day.

A few students at Tioga were chosen to represent the effects of tobacco use, some of those effects could lead to death. During the school's lunch break, students were able to see a tombstone of significant people who lost their lives from tobacco use.

At Alexandria Middle Magnet, the student body watched a play presented to them by their classmates on how to handle a peer pressure situation and how not to handle it. The middle school focused its Kick Butts Day activities on the use of drugs and the Juul, a new popular e-cigarette.

All of the Kick Butts Day activities were funded by the Healthy Behaviors School District Partnership Grant.

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