Cenla students transition to all online classes

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - They may not be walking on campus to their classes, but college students are starting back up with the spring semester.

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They've had to transition from their usual days spent in classrooms to a completely online platform. Some local students are taking the transition pretty easy while others say it's taking some getting used to.

"It's just learning it you know? A lot of us are unfamiliar with it, but I think you know we are all starting to feel comfortable with it," said CLTCC student Robyn Smith.

Smith is one of many students in the Cenla area going through this new experience. Even though some students are adapting well to this change, they say it's just not the same. Tamarraw Powell is a senior at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches and says, "It's taken away a lot of our opportunities to sit down and gather our lives. One of my courses was to help build our portfolio for after school to give it to jobs. We have to do all of this through Web-x, Skype, email."

With a number of businesses being closed or having limited hours of operation for social distancing reasons, it's brought some changes to students' daily lives outside of school.

"It's giving me tons of time to be able to study and kind of just figure out my daily schedule now," said Louisiana College student Anna Matherne.

This transition has also brought some big changes to how the semester will end. LSUA nursing student Lana Magee is graduating in May. She says she knows that in end she'll get her degree and become an RN, but it's difficult knowing that she won't be walking across a stage to get it.

"I understand why they made that decision. We were all very heartbroken. You know, the nursing program is very difficult so a lot of days when you're studying sometimes the thing that really carries you through is imagining yourself finally crossing the stage" said Magee.

Overall, these students and instructors at local schools say the new online platform has been working out well and it's keeping everyone safe.

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