Local woman expresses grave concerns over cemetery conditions

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Natchitoches resident LaShawnda White is speaking out after months of fighting for a peaceful resting place for her loved ones at the Garden of Memories Cemetery in Alexandria.


She has several family members who are buried there; the most recent member is her aunt, her mother’s last sibling.

While visiting the cemetery over the New Year holiday, White discovered that the design on her aunt's headstone, which took months to make, was wrong, and the stone wasn't even mounted.

"We should have gotten proof of the purchase before he evenly formally imprinted it on the headstone so we could make sure it was correct
before we had to go through all this," said White.

When she took KALB to see the headstone first-hand, it wasn’t there.

She also noticed mounds of garbage and debris the had piled up in the back of the cemetery – things like soda cans, Styrofoam and even an old shopping cart.

White says she's disappointed that after months of communication with the owner of the cemetery, James Claiborne, nothing's being done.

"You would think when people dealing with this type of service they would have more empathy for their customers,” White expressed. “And it's just kind of disheartening that we have to go through all this knowing that we assumed, when we purchased all that, that we would have to keep going through…something like this.”

However, her family will make sure their loved ones the final resting place they deserve.

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