Longtime Avoyelles ADA Norris Greenhouse Sr. passes away

MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - An Avoyelles Parish fixture has passed away. Norris Greenhouse Sr. has died at the age of 62.

Norris Greenhouse, Sr. | Photo Source: Avoyelles Parish DA's Office

Greenhouse Sr. was a longtime Avoyelles Parish Assistant District Attorney. He worked under former DA Ed Knoll for nearly ten years and under current DA Charlie Riddle for nearly 18 years as a prosecutor. He was a graduate of Marksville High School and also studied at LSU.

"Norris was fun-loving," Riddle said. "If we had any kind of function at the DA's office everybody waited for Norris to get there because he loved music and enjoyed being around people, very social. He was kind, I know many many examples of people being helped by him and he didn't have to do that but he did it. Worked hard, worked very hard, late hours. He would always show up in court no matter how late he was working the night before and ready to go."

There has been no word yet on funeral arrangements.

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