Louisiana Air National Guard hosts local high school cadets

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - On Thursday, cadets from local high schools and the Youth Challenge Program spent the day with the Louisiana Air National Guard as part of a recruiting tour at Alexandria International Airport.

Local high school cadets learned about jobs in the Louisiana Air National Guard on Thursday. | Photo Credit: KALB

Students were separated into groups and rotated through various stations where airmen explained their jobs and showed cadets some of the equipment they use in the field.

"You get to see more about the Air National Guard and what they have to offer," said Jasmine Sanders, a First Lieutenant in JROTC at Tioga High School. "You get to see what you like what you don't like. Just get more information about it and we out our options on the different branches and what we are really interested in doing."

Cadets learned everything from the importance of Air Traffic Controllers to the rigorous physical standards of Tactical Air Control Party Specialists.

"I thought it was less than this," said Ryan Vercher with the Youth Challenge Program. "I thought it was just little simple jobs instead of big mechanic jobs like that."

But, the star of the show was an F-15 that flew in from New Orleans and awed the students.

"It was exciting, it really was. Seeing the jet doing a pass around the control tower on the catwalk, that was really awesome," said Vercher.

Master Sergeant Christopher Barraco said the goal of the tour is to inform the public about the Louisiana Air National Guard and inspire future generations to join their ranks.

"Whenever you get somebody to come in for the first time and they have that awe look in their eyes and the amazement that they too can work on for example an aircraft like the F-15...so when I get to see them join and they actually do that and then even to see them a few years from now, it's fantastic for me."

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