Louisiana College student writes book about living in a genocide nightmare

PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - At six years old Lievin Manisha's parents were killed. At 12 he was kidnapped.

"People rising up taking machetes and banding all your belongings, and chopping up people," Manisha remembered. "It was a crazy, crazy scene that I will never forget."

Manisha's childhood memories in Burundi, Africa are of civil war with Hutu people killing Tutsi's like himself.

"You get reports like so and so has been killed and you are like what is going on?"

In 2005 he escaped the genocide and went to South Africa alone at the age of 15.

"I wanted to revenge myself politically," Manisha said. "The only one thing was I can not revenge myself against the Hutu if I am not educated."

He started high school with a refugee organization and a few years later ran into an LSU missionary group.

"It was hard for me to allow God in my heart because of all that background," Manisha said. "You are like why could God have let me go through this if he existed?"

After living with a missionary family from Louisiana and attending church often, he found himself at Louisiana College in 2014.

"It was really a new beginning, a new hope," Manisha said. "I always looked to go to school and complete my university studies."

New friends and staff at LC convinced him to put his past on paper.

"When I heard of his tragic story I said, Levine you must write it, and he did," said LC Vice President of Communications Norm Miller.

After two years of writing 'From Genocide to Jesus', Manisha's story is ready to share.

"This is a small country that no one pays attention to," Manisha said. "Writing books, writing stories can help in any way that you could ever think of."

But, Miller said the most moving part of Manisha's story is how he said God changed his heart of hate to love.

"Tragedy doesn't have to end tragically," Miller said. "Lievin's story has an ongoing, victorious ending."

Manisha spent the last four summers at the United Nations, pushing for change.

"Since 2015 we have more than 400,000 people who have fled the country," Manisha said.

Upon graduation, he wants to continue to spread his new faith with refugees in Africa.

"There is a great need to tell them about Jesus," Manisha said. "When you are in that kind of situation you really need someone to encourage you. God loves everyone.

Manisha's book is available on Amazon, for more information visit the attached link.

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