Louisiana National Guard in Marksville sends soldiers across the state for Tropical Storm Barry relief

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MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - The effects of Tropical Storm Barry will be felt throughout the state this weekend, and the Louisiana National Guard based in Marksville is making sure to not only help locals here in Central Louisiana, but also to lend a helping hand wherever it's needed throughout the state.

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The Louisiana National Guard goes through state-wide training for national disasters every April.

Now, a total of 84 soldiers training will be put to use as they are placed throughout the state in areas that could be most affected.

Captain Clint Gleason told News Channel 5 that soldiers at each location have a different task, and for each solder, times like these are a rewarding sacrifice.

"We have ten that are located in Covington doing high water rescue missions. I have 23 that are in Lafayette and they have local buses and supporting some evacuation efforts in and around the Lafayette area. And also I've got 30 located at Camp Beauregard, and they'll be with an engineering work team,” said Cpt. Clint Gleason, Company Commander for the 1020th Engineering Company. “From all the soldiers, I mean, they've stepped up and put their family life and their civilian jobs on hold to come down here and come across from the state and help out.”

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