Louisiana comes in last place in 2019 Best States Rankings

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(WAFB) - U.S. News and World Report has released their 2019 Best States Rankings, and Louisiana came in last place.

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The report is based on numerous factors, including healthcare, education, crime statistics, opportunity, fiscal stability, and the natural environment. The report also takes into account a state’s economy, roads and bridges, internet infrastructure, and public safety. U.S. News and World Report says more weight is given to some categories for some states based on a survey of what residents living in those states say is most important to them. Healthcare and education were weighted most heavily, followed by state economies, infrastructure, and opportunity offered to residents. Fiscal stability follows closely behind those categories, then crime and a state’s natural environment.

Click here to read the full methodology used for the report.

The first place spot went to Washington, while Louisiana came in last. Though Washington was named the top state, it did not receive the #1 ranking in any category, but rather, New Hampshire (#2) was ranked in the top spot in the opportunity and crime and corrections categories. Louisiana, on the other hand, received the #50 ranking in three of the eight categories: opportunity, crime and corrections, and natural environment.

2019 Top 10 Best States:
1. Washington
2. New Hampshire
3. Minnesota
4. Utah
5. Vermont
6. Maryland
7. Virginia
8. Massachusetts
9. Nebraska
10. Colorado

Six of the top ten are on the east coast/northeast.

Rounding out the bottom of the list are:
50. Louisiana
49. Alabama
48. Mississippi
47. West Virginia
46. New Mexico
45. Arkansas
44. Alaska
43. Oklahoma
42. South Carolina
41. Pennsylvania

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