Louisiana congressmen delay paychecks in solidarity with federal workers

Pixabay / MGN

BATON ROUGE, La. (The Advocate) - According to The Advocate, four Republican Louisiana congressman willingly delayed their paychecks to stand with the federal workers going without pay during the partial shutdown of the federal government.

The four representatives are Garret Graves of Baton Rouge, Clay Higgins of Port Barre, Mike Johnson of Bossier Parish and Ralph Abraham of Richland Parish.

Normally, the congressmen's paychecks would not be affected, however, they each sent letters requesting that their pay be withheld until the shutdown is over.

Senator Bill Cassidy is still receiving his paycheck.

“Washington Democrats who do not support border security may be refusing to do their jobs and negotiate, but Senator Cassidy is working hard to pass legislation that will secure the border, reopen the federal government, and get all federal employees back to work," said a spokesperson for Cassidy.

Rep. Steve Scalise, Rep. Cedric Richmond and Sen. John Kennedy did not provide any definite answers on whether they would delay their paychecks or not.

Congress has passed a bill to ensure that the federal employees affected will receive back pay.

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