Louisiana educator turned rap artist talks college at Pineville High School

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - A Baton Rouge educator turned hip hop recording artist came to town Friday to share his rise to the top with students at Pineville High School.

It is success artist 'Dee-1' said he couldn't have achieved without his college education.

This stop is part of a tour he is doing with college loan company Sallie Mae. He is traveling across the country to talk with 10,000 students about college planning and financial literacy.

He grew up in New Orleans, studied at LSU and became a math teacher. After that, he decided to pursue his musical dream.

"He told me a lot of how to lead my future and how to make the right decisions," said Pineville student Ethan Coffey. "It really, it really was just an inspiration to me."

He shares that story with his audiences and tells them to break barriers and see their missions through to completion.

"You can break through all those barriers," Dee-1 said. "I love that when people look at me they say wait he is from New Orleans, long dreadlocks, I bet he is some kind of gangster. No, actually I am college educated. I was a former middle school math teacher. I love that when people try to put me in one box. I break out of it and show them I am much more than that. That is a message to anybody coming up."

Dee-1 also encouraged high school counselors to nominate deserving juniors and seniors for Sallie Mae's $25,000 'Bridging the Dream' scholarship.

The deadline to submit a name is September 27.

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