Louisiana officers accused of making racist comments online

Photo: Colin / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0 / (MGN)

MINDEN, La. (AP) - Two police officers of Minden, Louisiana, are accused of making racist comments online.

News outlets report Chief Steve Cropper, Mayor Terry Gardner and city council members on Monday were sent screenshots of the comments, some of which date back to 2012. It's unclear who sent the screenshots.

Councilman Herbert Taylor III said there had been complaints about the officers acting in racist ways, but there wasn't any "concrete evidence" before.

The police chief said he spoke to the civil service board in Baton Rouge and learned that he can't discipline the officers unless the offense happened after their hiring.

Taylor says the officers need to be reevaluated without regard to when the comments were made, because he said: "a zebra don't change their stripes."

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