Louisiana school performance scores released, how did Cenla compare?

CENTRAL, La. (KALB) - The state of Louisiana maintained a "B" letter grade according to new school performance scores released by the Department of Education on Tuesday.

There were significant gains across the state for the 2018-19 school year, but the department said the results also signal the need for greater improvement in struggling schools.

Central Louisiana school districts had many victories. Overall, each district maintained their letter grade or improved it. But, they also have areas to work on.

Rapides Parish
Rapides Parish School District maintained a high ‘B’ of 78.3.

They had three 'A' schools: Alexandria Senior High, Caroline Dorman Junior High and Phoenix Magnet Elementary.

They had 18 ‘B’ schools, 11 ‘C's, 7 ‘D's and 6 ‘F's.

There were a few big takeaways from the data. The 2018-19 school year was the start of community school zones.

Five of this year's ‘F’ schools are in those zones. L.S. Rugg Elementary dropped 20.5 points, the highest decrease in the parish. They went from a ‘C’ school to an ‘F’. However, community schools Alma Redwine and Arthur F. Smith increased from ‘F’s to ‘D’s.

"Our motto is success, nothing less,” said AFS Principal Carlessa White. “We just want it to be a way of thinking, a way of life. The teachers have high expectations for the students, the students rise to the occasion."

Alexandria Middle Magnet is also a part of the community school zones. This year the school scored a 'C', up from a 'D', and is no longer a failing school.

"In three years we have moved from an F, to a D, to a C this year,” said AMMS Principal Dennis Stewart. “So, we are celebrating on our campus. My faculty and staff did a phenomenal job with our kids. Our kids did great and we are telling everybody come see what AMMS has to offer."

Alexandria Senior High was the only high school to score an ‘A’. They also scored the same letter grade for the 2017-18 school year.
"We had high expectations for our faculty and they met that,” said ASH Principal Jody Goodman. “They in turn passed it along to the students and the students were just as excited as we are about the A"

Avoyelles Parish
The Avoyelles Parish School District maintained a 'C' letter grade of 71.7. However, last year their score was 66.6. The district increased 5.1 points and Avoyelles Superintendent Blaine Dauzat said they rank third for performance score growth in the entire state.

The district had one 'A' school: Louisiana School for the Agricultural Sciences.

They had two ‘B' schools, four 'C' schools, one 'D' school and two 'F' schools. Five schools gained a letter grade.

Grant Parish
The Grant Parish School District maintained a 'B' letter grade of 79.2.
They had six ‘B' schools, one 'C' school and one 'F' school.

One school gained a letter grade and no schools went down a letter grade.

Vernon Parish
The Vernon Parish School District went from a high ‘B’ to an ‘A’ letter grade of 92.1. The district rated 5th overall in the state.

They had nine 'A' schools: Anacoco High, Evans High, Hicks High, Hornbeck High, Leesville High, Pitkin High, Rosepine High, Simpson High and Anacoco Elementary.
They had five 'B' schools and four 'C' schools. Two of their schools dropped a letter grade. Three schools gained a letter grade.

This is the second year that the state graded school performance scores on a new, more rigorous scale. Visit the attached for the state’s score breakdown.

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