Louisiana town of 1200 finally has safe tapwater

ST. JOSEPH, La. (AP) - The tap water in the town of St. Joseph, Louisiana, population 1,200, is finally safe to drink after more than a year.

(Image Source: MGN)

St. Joseph, the Tensas Parish seat, now has more than 14 miles of new water lines.

Govovner John Bel Edwards traveled there Tuesday to celebrate the new system.

He said in a news release that the town has dealt for more than a decade with discolored water and water lines that often broke, causing low water pressure and possible contamination.

After state tests found elevated lead and copper levels in four buildings, Edwards ordered tests at all homes, schools, and businesses.

He declared a public health emergency in December 2016. The state has been supplying bottles and tanks of water since then, with more bottles from the town and volunteers.

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