Louisiana village bans pit bulls, pit bull mixes

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FENTON, La. (KPLC) - The Village of Fenton in Jefferson Davis Parish has passed an ordinance this month banning pit bulls and several pit bull mixes. It comes after they say a man was bitten by one.

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“We decided we just didn’t want them in town," Alderwoman Ollie Clophus said. "You never know what they are going to do. They’re bad.”

The Village of Fenton has approximately 300 residents according to the Alderwoman.

“Our main concern is about our resident, you know, more than we are about the dogs so we decided maybe we should pass an ordinance saying we no longer want them in our village," Alderwoman Mary Jones.

In the ordinance, the board of aldermen states, “pit bull dogs are, by the nature and purpose of their breeding alone, innately vicious”.

That’s something Irving Freeman Jr says isn’t true.

“I mean there was an incident," Freeman Jr said. “I’ve been in this town for five years and we have had one incident. Why am I being forced? This is like coming in here and telling me I have to get rid of one of my kids. I mean, look at her, she isn’t vicious at all. I’m going to fight it. I’m going to find me a lawyer, and fight it.”

“It would not be fair if you get rid of one and not get rid of all of them,” Jones said.

The ordinance passed this month was an addition to a 2005 ordinance by Mary Jones on “vicious dogs.” In the original ordinance, specific breeds were not defined.

The new rule was passed on September 10 and will go into effect on October 10.

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