Louisianans always find a #ReasonToSmile; what’s yours?

Going on nature walks to learn about flowers, bugs, and animals! | Photo Courtesy of Morgan Griffin
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LOUISIANA (Gray Media) - Stuck at home. Kids out of school with nothing to do. Fear of going out in public spaces. Yes, there are more than enough reasons to feel anxious right now. But there are also plenty of reasons to smile, and that’s what we want to focus on right now.

As the weeks go by, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Americans and there’s no end in sight. In fact, Louisiana is experiencing some of the highest number of cases per capita in the nation. To make sure we’re all doing our part, it’s important to stay at home and keep finding reasons to smile.

Below is a look at what people around Louisiana are doing to follow Gov. Edwards’ directive. We want to see your photos, too. Select the album from your region and upload your #ReasonToSmile!






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