Main Street Food Truck Park on the way to Pineville

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - Whether you're in the mood for barbecue or pizza pie, Cenla food trucks have you covered.

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"The food truck community is like a family, we all try to help each other," said Jim Deggys Manager Paisley Turrubiartes.

Food trucks rotate around Central Louisiana all week, but what if you could find some of your favorites at one spot?

That dream will soon become reality. Two locals are working on Main Street Truck Park.

"There are a lot more food trucks and trailers than people realize around town," said co-founder Taylor Cottano. "And now let's give them a place to go."

Cottano said he's had some of the best food from truck parks in big cities, and decided Pineville should have one too. Now Cottano and co-founder Tyler Craig are working on a plot of land near city hall.

"We found this plot of land, very cluttered," Cottano said. "But, you got to have that vision, and we had that vision that we could do something really nice here."

But, they also want it to be a hangout spot. They plan to have live entertainment, games and plenty of seating.

The rented spaces will also provide vendors with electricity, water and WiFi. It will also have a commissary for food prep, dishwashing and a place to dump grease.

"I think it's a great addition to Central Louisiana," said Uncle Willie's Owner Steven Chark. "For new food trucks, it gives them an opportunity to display their crafts at a certain location."

Food truck owners and staff are excited to see it come alive.

"We are always looking for new places to go to expand out clients," Turrubiartes said.

Word of the park already has stomachs growling.

"On a lunch break you can take a little trip and go to one spot, and have different things to choose from," said customer Nikeatha Williams.

"We need something fresh and fun," said customer Ashley Roszell. "Something that we can all kind of hangout and pick whatever we want to eat."

Cottano hopes to open Main Street Truck Park by late October or early November.

"We want to make this for the community and for the food trucks," Cottano said. "So any ideas, we want to make sure we can implement those and make it the best we possibly can."

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