Man arrested after employee witnessed vehicle burglary on Jackson Street

Steven Barton (APD)

ALEXANDRIA, La. (APD) - APD responded on October 8 after a business employee on Jackson Street witnessed a suspect committing a vehicle burglary.

The witness described the suspect as a white male in a black Batman t-shirt taking items out of a car and placing them in the basket of a motorized shopping cart, then rolling away in the cart.

The employee approached the suspect about the stolen items, but without a word, the suspect walked away from the scene.

Officers arrived and located the owner of the vehicle and confirmed that he had not given anyone permission to take items out of his car. About two hours later, another patrol officer observed the suspect walking nearby and detained him.

After a brief investigation, officers arrested the suspect, identified as Steven Barton. He was booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center.

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