Man arrested for holding gun to officer's head says officer 'misunderstood' him

RAPIDES PARISH, La. (KALB) - Vernon Holden, 51 of Alexandria, the man arrested by the Alexandria Police Department last month for allegedly holding a gun to an officer's head during a stop for a traffic violation, said he believes the two "misunderstood" each other "perhaps due to cultural differences."

(Source: RPSO)

Last month, an Alexandria police officer attempted to stop Holden for apparently making a traffic violation on his bicycle. According to police, after the officer exited his car, he tried to stop Holden on foot, and a physical confrontation ensued.

Police said that the officer attempted to use his TASER on Holden, but the Holden managed to take control of the TASER and used it against the officer. During the struggle, police said Holden pulled out a gun he had in his possession, held it to the officer's head, and made threats before running away.

The officer was able to call for back-up and officers arrived shortly after and found Holden hiding in a storage shed. They found his gun and took him into custody.

Court records show that Holden has been booked on numerous charges in the past, including armed robbery.

He was arrested for obstructing a public passage, resisting an officer with force or violence, felony battery of a police officer, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, disarming of a peace officer and armed robbery with a firearm.

Holden recently filed a motion to get his bond reduced. In that handwritten motion, he writes, "I apologize for my actions, but there was never any intent to harm any police officer."

He continues by writing that he "only tried to save his own life from needless gunfire from police officer. The officer is alive and unharmed!"

Holden also writes that he "did not aim to shoot or shoot anyone, only protecting his body from harm." He goes on to say, "The officer is alive and is probably a due diligent peace officer trying to do his job, but perhaps due to cultural differences, he misunderstood me and I him. Again, I apologize for that."

Holden is being held without bond and is asking that his bond be reduced to $10,000 because he "poses no threat to anyone, police or otherwise."

The motion will be heard on March 11 before Judge Mary Doggett. Court records indicate that Holden does not yet have an attorney.