Man charged with armed robbery in Garden District attack changes plea

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Aljermon Henderson, the man accused of attacking a resident in the Alexandria Garden District back in Oct. 2018, had a change of heart at the beginning of his trial at the Rapides Parish Courthouse on Wednesday morning and changed his plea to guilty. This happened just after the first witness took the stand.

Aljermon Henderson | Photo Source: RPSO

There is no plea bargain, so the sentencing will be determined by the judge presiding over the case, Judge Chris Hazel.

"I think the defendant saw the writing on the wall," said Assistant District Attorney Brian Cespiva.

"Once we did our opening statement and put one witness on the stand, we were basically interrupted by his defense council, who also saw the writing on the wall. And they basically decided to plea, as charged, straight up, just as if we had gone through the entire trial and secured a conviction. That is his absolute right to plead."

Henderson, 27 of Alexandria, was being charged with armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The victim, who revealed his name to News Channel 5 in an interview after the attack, is Tom Spencer.

According to the Alexandria Police Department and Spencer, Spencer left his neighbor's home on Albert Street to walk two blocks to his own home when Henderson allegedly grabbed him by the neck and held a gun to his head.

Spencer managed to break free and made it to his home, but Henderson allegedly followed him.

"Please don't kill me," Spencer told us he told Henderson as he pulled out his wallet. "Take this, you can have it. He took it at that point and that is when he took off running."

A neighbor called police and Henderson was tracked down shortly after. Henderson has a lengthy list of prior arrests in Rapides Parish. Brian Cespiva is prosecuting the case. Henderson is represented by Chad Guillot.

A victim impact hearing will be held on Oct. 30, and sentencing will follow on Dec. 2.

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