Mansura assisted living center treats residents to vintage photo shoot

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MANSURA, La. (KALB) - You know the old saying: A picture's worth a thousand words. But when I asked Irma and Clyde Livaudais about one they took in early September, all they needed was one.

Source: KALB

"I felt it was fun,” expressed Mrs. Livaudais.

“It was something we would not have done on our own," added Mr. Livaudais.

You see, a few weeks back, the couple got dressed up and went on a little photo shoot.

"There was even one that they wanted us to snuggle up a little bit," laughed Mr. Livaudais. “That was no problem.”

Patricia Illgen got to the same.

She said she was a bit nervous before taking hers, but it didn't take long to get settled in.

"Right there in a long gown, well that's me," explained Illgen. “But it turned out beautifully. They couldn't do everybody, but they chose different people. And I was very proud to be chosen."

Of course, going on a photo shoot wasn't something any of them expected when they moved into OakMont Estate Assisted Living Center in Mansura.

"Just because you moved into an assisted living center doesn't mean that life stops,” expressed Ashlyn Riche, OEALC Director of Nursing. “We do so much to keep them busy and to keep them alive here."

Riche explained that it was part of the National Assisted Living week. This year's theme: Capture the Moment.

"We took that literally by wanting to capture what they feel they have lived in the past," explained Riche.

They brought in clothes matching styles from decades ago.

"I love fashion,” expressed Illgen. “And I used to do a lot of designing."

They even mixed in a few props.

"They had us sitting down at the bar, and they put a little glass in front of me,” explained Mr. Livaudais. “And they put bourbon in that glass. But by the time we took the picture, it was gone."

Sure, Mr. and Mrs. Livaudais may have described the pictures as 'fun', but when you take a closer look, you find it is worth a thousand words.

"All in all, we made new friends,” expressed Mrs. Livaudais. “And that helped out with our life. And we're very happy."

You can see many of the photos in the slide show below. If you’d like to see more, check out the attached link.

Source: KALB

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