Mansura mom creates autism treatment center for her son

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MANSURA, La. (KALB) - While the prevalence of autism continues to rise across the nation, the small amount of adequate treatment centers in Louisiana remains the same.

So a Mansura mom of a son with a wish decided to be the one to change everything.

Meet Fynn Sievers: one of two boys in the Sievers family who loves music, climbing, and cameras.

He's an ordinary 4-year-old boy who lives an extraordinary life.

"His development was totally right like it was where it should be,” said Flynn’s mom, Kaylee Sievers. “I would say around may 2015, that's where he took a turn for the worse."

One month before he turned two, Fynn was diagnosed with autism.

"We really didn't know what to do,” said Sievers. “I started researching, calling everyone I knew."

Little did they know, it was a diagnosis that would change their lives forever.

"I already had a feeling he had it, but when it was really confirmed by a neurologist, it was like yea, he really does have it for sure,” Sievers said. “I wasn't going to stop though. I wasn't going to say awww that's it. No. He's going to get better."

Their journey in search of treatment quickly began. The next step was getting Fynn applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, but the options in Avoyelles Parish were limited.

"He would need ABA six hours a day, and I would have to drive to Alexandria to Jackson Street, drop him off, and I had to hire a sitter to pick him up in the afternoons and bring him back," expressed Sievers.

So Kaylee decided to take matters into her own hands and began dreaming up a local, nonprofit center that would help kids like Fynn get the treatment they need.

"I contacted a lady from the St. Nicholas Center,” Sievers said. “She's actually the Executive Director of it, and I ended up speaking with her on the phone for like three hours just pouring my heart out and telling her my journey, and after speaking with her, she told me that she would help me every step of the way."

The center, called Fynn's Wish, is set to open in Marksville this winter to provide ABA therapy, be a blessing to others and empower Sievers' two sons.

When asked what her ultimate dream was for her two boys, Sievers hesitated and then replied, “To know that they are loved, and they are true and that they can do anything they set their mind to."

"Is that kind of your inspiration behind all of this?" KALB asked.

"Absolutely," said Sievers.

Sievers will be holding an annual fundraiser called “Bataille Des Chefs: A Taste of Avoyelles” at the Cochon de lait Pavilion Saturday, November 10. Individual tickets can be purchased for $15, and all the proceeds will go to Fynn’s Wish.

To donate directly to Fynn’s Wish, go to their website:

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