Marksville teachers surprise students a day before school starts

MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - Marksville Elementary School and High School teachers loaded four buses Tuesday, on a mission to find their students.

"Actually meet the kids on their turf, see where they live," said Marksville Elementary School Principal Nicole Gagnard.

Staff walked the neighborhoods and went door to door until they found the smiles and hugs they'd been waiting for all winter break.

Gagnard said students look forward to the visit.

"They see us here all the time and it is more real to them when we get out there, and go to their houses, visit them and see them," Gagnard said. "It means a lot to them that we actually make the effort to go out to them."

Along with supplies, each child got their very own book.

"In the classroom, I ask, do you have books to read at home?" Elementary teacher Stacey Duncan said. "Many of them say no. So, to go out and give them something as simple as a book, a box of crayons and pencils, it means the world to them."

High School Principal Liza Jacobs also got her staff involved.

"Eventually her little cubs grow into big tigers at our school," Jacobs said. "So, a lot of our kids have younger siblings, so we just wanted to show a united front."

But, while teachers were happy to be reunited, they remembered those that won't get to see their students Wednesday. Each staff member wore a black ribbon for the five children lost.

"It made me realize that every minute of every day is precious," Duncan said. "You never know what is going to happen and when it is going to happen."

Gagnard said they will continue to stand united as school starts back up

"It's just another way to show that we are supporting our community through this tough time that we are facing," Gagnard said.

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