Mayor Fields reads to Lessie Moore students

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - Mayor Clarence Fields started his Wednesday morning in Pineville reading to Lessie Moore first graders.

Pineville Mayor Clarence Fields reads to Lessie Moore first graders. | Photo Source: KALB

The mayor read two books correlating to the students' theme, which is a “Growing Mind".

The first book he read was called, "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds.

The book is about a young girl who believed she couldn't draw but realized she was actually a great artist.

The second book the mayor read was "Spaghetti on a Hot Dog Bun" by Maria Dismondy, which showed the first graders how important it is to treat others nicely, no matter what...

Mayor Fields said it's important to pour into the lives of young children because they are the future.

"Believe it or not, kids pick up a lot at this young age, their minds are free, their minds are open,” Mayor Fields explained. “They're very smart because you know they hear and see so many things but you want to make sure they make sure that they get some of the positiveness and that's most important."

At the end of his reading, students were able to ask questions. A couple of students even asked how they can become the next Mayor of Pineville!

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