Mayor Hall's administration looking to eliminate Alexandria Police Deputy Chief position

ALEXANDRIA, LA (KALB) - The Alexandria Police Department is still without a deputy chief.

Source: KALB

Over four months after APD Chief Jerrod King submitted his pick for deputy chief, Mayor Jeff Hall has still yet to approve it and feels it's best to get rid of the position altogether.

At Wednesday night's civil service meeting, the city, represented by Joshua Dara Jr. from the Gold Firm, is indicating that they don't intend to fund the position.

At December's meeting, the civil service board gave Mayor Hall until Wednesday, January 15 for an answer.

Civil Service Board Attorney Brian Cespiva says the board received a letter from the city administration just days ago about their decision to get rid of the deputy chief's position.

Now, the civil service board wants an explanation as to why.

They've asked that someone from the city's administration attend the next board meeting so they can explain the rationale behind their decision.

The board will then vote on whether the city has given a sufficient explanation, followed by a public hearing after thirty days.

Cespiva says this all comes as a surprise to the board.

"The purpose of Wednesday night's meeting was to find out when they were going to appoint a new deputy chief, and we get a letter a couple of days ago indicating they're never going to appoint one. They're just going to abolish the position," said Cespiva. "So, the board was not expecting that. We were expecting to get a name."

The deputy chief position has existed at the police department for a number of years.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 11 at 5 p.m.

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