Mayor Jeff Hall discusses last State of the Community briefing of 2019

ALEXANDRIA La, (KALB) - With the year coming to an end, Alexandria Mayor Jeff Hall gave his last State of the Community briefing Monday morning, recapping his first year in office and discussing what he's looking forward to accomplishing next year.

Source: KALB

Mayor Hall identified and discussed his eight strategic priorities, including everything from blight to identifying growing crime trends, and ways to improve customer service and employee morale.

One big priority is filling the 26 vacancies at the Alexandria Police Department, as well as eliminating blight and improving customer service across the city.

In 2020, Mayor Hall says his biggest priority will be infrastructure assessment, which will include improving aging bridges and roads.

The Mayor says he's looking forward to multiple opportunities this upcoming year.

"What I'm looking forward to most is keeping the team together, be sure to get the things that we supposed to be doing, the training they're supposed to get," said Mayor Hall. "The biggest project is going to be infrastructure assessment, that is a big project so we're going to be very very busy."

He says it takes everyone in the city working together to make Alexandria a great place to live, work and play.

"In the one year that we've been here, I want the citizens to know that we and the employees have been very very busy and we're trying to work together with the council," said Mayor Hall. "The council is working with us trying to do the very very best for the city."

Mayor Hall and the city council is also preparing for a new budget.

The budget will have to be voted on and approved by the city council at the end of April.

The next State of the Community briefing will be held in early January.

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